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Please Follow The Guidelines:
Comments will NOT be accepted if you don't follow the guidelines, veer off topic or include your address, email or other personal information in your comment. Report facility and infrastructure problems directly to Oak Run Associates, Ltd (DECCA) or the ORHA Board, not through this web page. Find their contact information > HERE.

How To Comment:
Go to the bottom of the post, click "comments" then type your comment into the box. In the Identity menu select "Name/URL". Type your first name, but leave URL empty. To finish, click "Publish Your Comment".

Stop Crime Tip Line

Oak Run enjoys an extremely low crime rate. You can help keep it that way by being watchful regardless of where you are in this beautiful community. If you see something that doesn't seem right and you think someone needs to know about it, please contact DECCA Security at 854-0024 or 854-2299. For serious matters call 911, for non-emergencies use 732-9111 and for Crimestoppers call 368-STOP (368-7867).

If you've witnessed vandalism or a crime in Oak Run and want to report it anonymously, you can click on comments: below. Provide as much detail as possible including the date, time and location of the incident in the text box. Choose 'Anonymous' as your identity then click 'Publish Your Comment'.

Please let somebody know, don't burden yourself by keeping silent. This is the only place on the website where your comment will never be shown and your identity will remain unknown to all. Plus, you might help solve a crime.

Please note: This comment feature is for reporting suspected criminal activity ONLY. All other issues have a proper printed form that MUST be used. Comments that misuse this feature are promptly deleted.

  Marion Sheriff's sex offender locator web page > HERE   Florida Predators locator web page > HERE  

Comments About Contractors And Providers

Please leave your comments (the good, the bad and the ugly) about contractors who have done work for you here in Oak Run or feedback about other local service or product providers by clicking "comments" below. Use Name/URL for your identity then provide your first name, but, leave URL empty. No Anonymous or Unknown please, they may not be accepted. Click "Publish" when you're done.

If you know a contractor or provider that's done a great job, please obtain a clean crisp business card from them. Email us your name, address and phone number and we will pick up the card and include it in our Community Partners page.

Business card requests only (not comments): oakrunocala@gmail.com   Subject: Partners

Using ALL CAPS - your comment is not published.
Using Anonymous - your comment is not published.
NOT for requesting recommendations, only for posting your personal experience.

Website Comments and Suggestions

For Website Issues Only

Please add your comments and suggestions by clicking "comments" below. We want to hear from you about improving our websites. Be sure to click "Publish" when you're done writing.

You can also report website errors by using the online form at the following link:

Using ALL CAPS - your comment is not published.
Website issues only, all others will be rejected.